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for your 3 course dining experience
Banana Green Soup           55.000
H’mong banana, and local herbs  
Water Buffalo Steak  350.000
Grilled steak, served with salad, mashed vegetables and your choice of sauces. Phanxipan Mushroom Sauce or Local Pepper Sauce.  
Pineapple Grilled Dessert                            59.000
Flamed Pineapple with Ruum.  


4. Combo Appetizer  159.000
Sa Pa mint, Ozay leaves, two kinds of cheeses, H’mong dry buffalo, Ta Van sausage and chips.                         
5. Banana Green Soup 55.000
H’mong banana, and local herbs.  
6. Local Potato Soup 55.000
SaPa potatoes with garlic, onions, and cheese.  
7. Chef’s Signature Nem                                  55.000
These spring rolls are filled with chicken, a variety of vegetables and local herbs that are mixed together by our unique chef. Then deep fried and served with a creamy sauce.   
8. Deep-fried Eggplant with Pork 115.000
Eggplant stuffed with the combination of pork, egg, local cabbage, and flour, spiced with salt and pepper.  
9. Patties 125.000
Local sweet potato, pumpkins, potato, carrots and celery mashed then combined before rolled in bread crumbs and fried in butter until the wrapper is crispy.  
10. H’mong Salad 55.000
Fresh Vegetables from our Chef’s garden, tossed with H’mong smoked pork and served with sesame sauce.  
11. Red Dao Salad                             55.000
Ozay leaf, banana flower, mints and smoked buffalo
Served with sweet and sour sauce. 
12. “Tay” Salad 55.000
Vietnamese figs with a blend of pennywort and peanuts  
13. Lu Salad 55.000
Green papaya, carrots, cilantro, mint, sesame seeds, sprinkled with peanuts. Salt, chili, vinegar dressing and sugar.  
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