041 Fansipan Street, Fansipan, tt. Sa Pa, Sa Pa, Lào Cai, Vietnam.     Hotline: +84 983 897 286

Bếp của Pi's

About Pi's Kitchen: Fresh. Local. Unique.

“When I think about dining for customer visiting Sapa, and I do often, the word "choose" comes to mind. People choose when to eat, where to eat, with whom, and, of course, what. But, if you think about the power of the word more closely, you realize what is ultimately chosen is what to experience. This is the choice I rank best and the one I work to please, daily

As the Executive Chef of BOUTIQUE SAPA, it is my pleasure to have created unique dining experiences for our guests and our visitors. Breakfast through dinner, in-room or in-restaurant, I want you to choose what suits you most when you visit our dining rooms. Ours is a daily commitment to serve what is fresh and best. I welcome your visits and your feedback.

Let stop by Son Chef Restaurant to experience the true flavours of ethnic cuisine of the best chef in Sapa.
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