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Lớp học nấu ăn

Wellcome to private cooking classes with Chef SON!

Get inspired by the best! Chef Son will teach you how to prepare recipes from our award-winning restaurant menus.

Guests can participate in a hands-on demonstration in the SON chef  kitchen where they’ll be active members of the kitchen staff, working right alongside Chef Son and his team. The class will be based on the elements of the kitchen that interests you the most.

The class will last approximately 2 hours and guests will be preparing dishes for the evenings menu. All participants in the culinary experience will receive an exclusive SON CHEF Restaurant apron as a memento.

Prices: $55 per person for the cooking class; $15 per extra person for 4 course dinner with out cooking class.

Classic cooking class by 5 steps

Step 1: Boutique Sapa Hotel – Sapa market tour (30 minute to 1 hour)

 Go to the market to purchase some necessary foods combined with visiting and discovering the regional culture of dishes of ethnic minorities…etc.

 (Consumption dispense is occupied by Hotel)

Step 2: Preparation Process in the Hotel kitchen and Learn to conserve foods in the best and freshest state.

Step 3: Participate in the cooking class, which is led and tough by our two principal and talented chief.

One is specialist of European Foods and the other is professional of Vietnamese Food. You will learn to do dishes by yourself under their control and their indications.

Step 4: Learn to prepare dishes and gather all the learnt dishes recipes and the foods guide.

Step 5: Enjoy your result after 4 first steps, our waitress will serve the hot dishes on your table. They will be “specialists” to show you how to enjoy your dishes.

Don’t hesitate more, Come to enjoy with us:

  • Morning class start from 11 A.M
  • Afternoon class start  from 17h  

Prices: $25 per person for group more than 3 people and $35/pp for group 2 people.

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